How To Block Discord on Router?

How To Block Discord on Router?

It’s important to ensure kids don’t spend too much time on Discord.

It’s got lots of cool stuff like chatting and talking with friends, but it can also be a big distraction.

Sometimes, the stuff on there might not be good for kids to see. That’s why parents need to set limits on how much time kids spend on Discord.

This helps them focus on other stuff that’s more helpful and keeps them away from things that aren’t good for them.

Making sure kids don’t spend too much time on Discord helps them have a better balance between being online and doing other fun stuff.

So, parents can help keep their kids safe and happy by controlling how much they use Discord.

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How To Block Discord on a Router?

How To Block Discord on Router?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to block Discord using various methods:

Using Parental Controls on a Chromebook:

    • Create a separate account for your child on the Chromebook.
    • Access the “Settings” menu and navigate to “Manage other people.”
    • Choose your child’s account and visit the “Family Link” app.
    • In the app settings, select “Apps installed” and locate Discord.
    • Toggle the switch to “Off” to block access to Discord for your child’s account.

Utilizing Screen Time on a Mac:

    • Log in to your child’s Mac account and access “System Preferences.”
    • Navigate to “Screen Time” and turn on the feature if not already enabled.
    • Set up a Screen Time passcode and proceed to “Content & Privacy.”
    • Under “Apps,” find Discord and restrict access by setting time limits or blocking altogether.

Using Microsoft Family Safety on Windows:

    • Create a separate account for your child and link it to your family group.
    • Access the “Family & other users” section in Windows settings.
    • Enable Microsoft Family Safety and set app and game limits for Discord.
    • Additionally, block the Discord website by adding it to the “Always Blocked” list under content restrictions.

Configuring Router Settings to Block Discord:

    • Access your router’s configuration page through a browser connected to your network.
    • Navigate to the “Parental Control” or “URL Filtering” section.
    • Add the Discord website URL ( to the blacklist or blocklist.
    • Save the settings, and the router will prevent any device connected to the network from accessing Discord.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively block access to Discord on different devices and network levels, ensuring a safer online experience for yourself or your children.


discord conclusions

In wrapping up, it’s really important to block access to Discord, especially for kids, to keep the online world safe and focused.

Using different methods like parental controls on Chromebooks, Screen Time on Mac,
and Microsoft Family Safety on Windows, along with adjusting router settings, can help limit Discord access across devices and networks.

These actions give parents the tools they need to guide their kids’ online activities responsibly,

encouraging good digital habits and protecting against any dangers that might come from spending too much time on Discord.


Q1. Can I block Discord on multiple devices simultaneously?

Answer: Yes, you can block Discord on multiple devices simultaneously by using router settings or parental control features available on various platforms like Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows. These methods allow you to enforce consistent restrictions across all connected devices.

Q2. Is it possible to set time limits for Discord usage?

Answer: Yes, platforms like Mac (using Screen Time) and Windows (using Microsoft Family Safety) offer options to set time limits for Discord usage. You can specify the duration of permitted access to Discord, helping users, especially children, manage their time on the platform effectively.

Q3. Will blocking Discord affect other applications or websites?

Answer: Blocking Discord typically targets only the specified platform or website, ensuring that access to Discord is restricted while allowing normal use of other applications and websites. However, reviewing and configuring settings carefully is essential to avoid unintended restrictions on unrelated content.

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